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High-Stakes Leadership with Constance Dierickx – #84

You don’t need to be a special person to be a high-stakes leader; we all have those qualities. Further, these qualities can be strengthened in those who want to reach their leadership potential. Constance Dierickx specializes in working with organizations in high-stakes transitions (such as mergers and acquisitions) and is the author of High-Stakes Leadership: […]

Building a Powerful Culture with Patty McCord – #83

Patty McCord challenges the notion of “best practices” and believes they make teams complacent and can turn a workplace toxic. In this episode of The Remarkable Leadership Podcast, Patty shares with Kevin that these were her frustrations, which led to the book, Powerful: Building a Culture of Freedom and Responsibility. Patty discusses what she learned […]

Getting Your Mom.B.A. with Karyn Schoenbart – #82

Karyn Schoenbart, author of Mom B.A. joins Kevin to share some practical advice from the trenches of the workplace. Whether you are just joining a team or whether you are leading a team, we all could use a bit of motherly advice to continue to build our careers. Karyn shares tips on questions people are […]