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What Leaders Can Learn from Volkswagen with Steven Howard – #58

Leadership lessons surround us. Often, these are born out of conflict and/or crisis. Steven Howard, 18-time author, chat with Kevin about his latest book Leadership Lessons from the Volkswagen Saga, a story of deliberate corporate deception that has impacted the automaker’s car brands, leadership structure, etc. They discuss cultures within organizations and consequences around said […]

The Master Coach with Gregg Thompson – #57

A coaching conversation starts with you and your intention. How will you try to be helpful in your interactions with others so they walk away feeling inspired or leaning a new perspective? Gregg Thompson, author of The Master Coach, and President of Bluepoint Leadership, joins Kevin to discuss coaching as a discipline and the impact […]

It’s Good to be a Leader! with Jim Kerr – #56

Jim Kerr, one of today’s foremost thinkers on organizational design and culture transformation, joins Kevin to talk about culture creation in your organization and how leaders at all levels can use stories to engage and create buy-in. He also shares some insights from his latest book, It’s Good to Be King. Jim focuses on the […]