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Making Better Decisions with Mike Whitaker – #76

What is the secret formula for success and happiness? Mike Whitaker, author of The Decision Makeover: An Intentional Approach to Living the Life You Want joins Kevin to discuss how our decisions, and we need to take ownership, can impact and shape our professional and personal lives. Mike offers insight into the types of decisions […]

Creating Loyalist Teams with Linda Adams and Rebecca Teasdale – #75

Loyalist teams are 40 times more productive and less than 15% of all teams are true loyalist teams. Linda Adams and Rebecca Teasdale, co-authors of The Loyalist Team, join Kevin to discuss the research that led to their book and learn some of predictable, repeatable traits the best teams in the world share. Leaders need […]

Turning Weeders into Leaders with Jeff McManus – #74

Gallup says 51% of the workforce is not engaged. Jeff McManus joins Kevin to discuss how you get your people on board and excited. Jeff is the Director of Landscape Services at the University of Mississippi and the author of Growing Weeders Into Leaders. He shares his experience of managing a multi-million-dollar landscaping beautification implementation […]