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Why Simple Works with Lisa Bodell – #71

We all dream big and yet we keep adding things to our to-do list keeping us from those dreams. Further, we boast about checking 20 tasks off our list by 8:30 AM, yet did you ask yourself if that task really needed to be done? Lisa Bodell, founder, and CEO of futurethink and author of […]

Making Presentations Exciting with Joey Asher – #70

The dreaded presentation. The word may cause you to feel some anxiety because you are the presenter or you because you are in the audience. Today, Joey Asher, author and coach, talks about going beyond the presentation. Leaders at all levels need to give more than just the data. Their audience, their listeners, their employees, […]

Change Starts Within You with Cortney McDermott – #69

Goals and vision are important to organizational growth and if we cannot connect with our employees do they work? Cortney McDermott, author of Change Starts Within You and former CEO, helps us understand that people come to change in a variety of ways. Leaders need to come from a place of a strong shared vision […]