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Be More Aware – Thoughts From Kevin

No one will argue that they want to work for a selfish or ego-maniacal boss. That’s pretty basic. And…in order to ensure that we aren’t being selfish and that we are being selfless, we need to be more aware of our behavior and how it’s perceived. So today, I’m giving you simple tips for how […]

Rules for Remote Leadership with Kevin Eikenberry – #88

Leading from a distance can seem difficult, yet it is still about leadership, and the principles of leadership haven’t changed—they are principles. In this episode, Kevin is in the visitor’s seat to talk about the opportunities and challenges with leading a remote team. He gives us a preview into The Long-Distance Leader, scheduled for a […]

Step Away From Your Computer – Thoughts from Kevin

There is no question about the value that technology has brought to our lives – both personally and professionally. It allows us to do infinitely more than we have ever been able to before. AND…there are times when we need to step away and have personal, live, real communication. Check out today’s episode for easy […]