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What Will You Learn Today – Thoughts From Kevin

If you have kids or if you were ever a kid (and I’m guessing you can answer at least one of these affirmatively??), you have asked or been asked this question before: What did you learn today? And while this is a very valid question, as you’ll notice in the title of this blog post, […]

Winning! with Gary Bracket – #97

Gary Brackett went from an undrafted free agent to football captain and Superbowl champion. Post football, he is a community leader and entrepreneur. How did someone 5’10” and 230 pounds get to these positions? He played from the neck up and joins Kevin to talk about consistency and repetition. Lessons he learned on the playing […]

Pringles Leadership – Thoughts From Kevin

The commercials during the Super Bowl have become just as popular as the actual sporting event itself, and this year, there was one that was even more popular and memorable for The Kevin Eikenberry Group. And…it provided some valuable leadership lessons for me, my team and really all leaders. Listen to this episode Tweet it […]