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Reinventing Yourself as a Leader with Dr. John Hillen

Most organizations are trying to grow and change, yet don’t build their leadership to grow and change. You need to know what you need to do to make your team successful and that might not be what you did yesterday. Dr. John Hillen is a leadership and strategy professor in the School of Business at […]

Connecting in a Virtual World with Nick Morgan – #130

A recent study showed that 2/3 of US workers are disengaged and that number is close to 80% worldwide. This may be, in part, because we are living in a ½ virtual and a ½ face-to-face world. Nick Morgan is a communication coach and author. Nick and Kevin talk about his most recent book, Can […]

Truthful Living and Timeless Principles with Jeffrey Gitomer – #129

Jeffrey Gitomer is the King of Sales and New York Times bestselling author. In his latest book, Truthful Living, Jeffrey compiled, edited and annotated the lectures of Napoleon Hill. He joins Kevin to talk about his access to original course notes and why he thinks Hill’s lessons are more bankable today than they were 100 […]