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How Brilliant Careers are Made (and Unmade) with Carter Cast – #105

Early in his career, Carter Cast sat in a tough meeting with his supervisor and learned a hard truth about himself. He says it derailed him for a time and then led to the research to understand what impeded the career progress of talented people. Carter is very candid with Kevin about that meeting and […]

Be More Inclusive – Thoughts from Kevin

It’s inevitable that there will be “silos” in organizations – groups that operate individually and separately from the rest of the organization. And unfortunately, this can often lead to the “Them vs. Us” syndrome. And as leaders, we need to be breaking down barriers between project teams, groups and departments so that we can be […]

The Long-Distance Leader with Wayne Turmel – #104

You are not alone if you are feeling overwhelmed by the changing workplace. Not only do we have more generations working side by side, we also have colleagues working a time zone away. Wayne Turmel, Kevin’s co-author of The Long-Distance Leader, joins Kevin to dig deeper into the book and share his thoughts about remote […]