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Cracking the Leadership Code with Alain Hunkins – #221

The Industrial Age. Workers came into the factories and were told what jobs to do and how to do them. And for the time, this worked. However, we know the world and our work has changed, yet many leaders still operate under this model. I guess that’s why only 23% of the leaders are deemed […]

Lead with Speed with Alan Willett – #220

How fast are you going? How fast should you be going? Do you even know where you are going? Kevin is joined by Alan Willett, author of Lead with Speed: Fire Up Your Team, Power Your Engines of Development, and Make Your Organization Soar. Many organizations would say they need to be faster, whether that’s […]

Saving Face with Maya Hu-Chan – #219

Your face is how you feel about yourself and how you project to the world. Maya Hu-Chan is the author of SAVING FACE: How to Preserve Dignity and Build Trust. She sits down with Kevin to talk about the role face plays in leadership through stories and examples. Whether we are working face-to-face or remote, […]