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Learning Lessons from a Four Time CEO with Howard Green – #146

Hunter Harrison was a four-time CEO in the railroad business, turning around each organization he ran. During his tenure with multiple companies, he wanted his employees to think like a leader and owner. Kevin sits down with Howard Green, author of Railroader: The Unfiltered Genius and Controversy of Four-Time CEO Hunter Harris. Howard is a […]

Making Meetings Matter with Elise Keith – #145

Have you ever hoped for a root canal appointment (insert another unpleasant task) to get you out of a meeting? Elise Keith is the founder and Meeting Maven for Lucid Meetings. In short, she is looking for the best ways to make it easy for people to enjoy meetings that get work done. She joins […]

Proving Your Competence with Jack Nasher – #144

Competence is a valued professional trait. But it’s not enough to be competent, you must share your competence, so your words do make a difference. They can help you steer perception, as we form impressions with little actual knowledge. Dr. Jack Nasher is a business psychologist, negotiator and author of Convinced!: How to Prove Your […]