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Leading on the Football Field and in Your Field with Michael Lombardi – #142

The best organizations are not just employing players, they are building something bigger. Their leaders are intentionally creating a culture and continuing to drive and maintain that culture. Kevin sits down with Michael Lombardi, most recently on the coaching staff for Bill Belichick in the New England Patriots’ front office, after thirty years working for […]

Beautiful Questions with Warren Berger – #141

Asking questions does more for us than just getting an “answer”. Questions can help our decision-making, creativity and innovation and build relationships. Kevin sits down with Warren Berger, author of The Book of Beautiful Questions. Warren is a questionologist and encourages leaders to value the question and take ownership of our questions. Further, you cannot […]

On Leading Calvin Klein with Tom Murry – #140

Tom Murry spent 17 years as the CEO of Calvin Klein and facilitated the brand’s growth from 2.8 billion to $8 billion. Tom joins Kevin to talk about teamwork. Tom believes his success came from surrounding himself with talented folks. Further, he knows to be effective you need to enjoy your work and enjoy your […]