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Creating Customer Value with Rob Markey – #214

We have the tools for accounting principles, and these have remained unchanged for years. Yet we have no real tool to measure customer loyalty, and every bit of cash flow starts with cash from the customer’s pocket. Kevin is joined by Rob Markey. He is the author of a new Harvard Business Review article on […]

What it Takes to Be in Awe with John O’Leary – #213

Have you had the opportunity to walk in an elementary school and witness the joy, the curiosity, the childlike wonder? Today, we are missing a piece of that of wonder. We can list the reasons why we’ve lost it and it‘s more important to recognize we can get that optimism back. John O’Leary believes in […]

Innovation is Everybody’s Business with Tamara Ghandour – #212

Are you innovative or do you leave that to other people? Tamara Ghandour discovered that innovation was something we all can do. Further, it’s not if we innovate, but how we innovate (we are all unique). Tamara created The Innovation Quotient Edge (IQE) (available on her website), which reveals your unique Everyday Innovator style and […]