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Culture is the Way with Matt Mayberry

Matt Mayberry



Culture is more than eye candy on the wall; it is how we show up every day. Matt Mayberry joins Kevin to discuss creating a positive and thriving culture. According to Mayberry, a positive culture must be clearly defined and integrated into every aspect of your company, from top to bottom. He says there must be a clear distinction between what constitutes a positive culture and what does not. Culture must be at every piece of your organization and connected to your purpose. This is how you create buy-in; this is how you create a positive culture; this is how you create organizational success.

Key Points

  • Matt Mayberry defines culture and why it is misunderstood. 
  • He describes a Cultural Purpose Statement. 
  • He shares his thoughts about culture at a distance.

Meet Matt

Matt Mayberry
  • Name: Matt Mayberry
  • His Story: Matt Mayberry is the author of Culture Is the Way: How Leaders at Every Level Build an Organization for Speed, Impact, and Excellence. He is an internationally acclaimed keynote speaker and leading global expert in leadership development, culture change, and organizational performance. His insights on leadership and business performance have been featured in Forbes, Fox News, Business Insider, Fortune, NBC, ESPN, and several other major media outlets.
  • Worth Mentioning: Before becoming an in–demand keynote speaker, author, and management consultant, Matt was a linebacker for the Chicago Bears. Matt took the lessons he learned on the field and in the locker room straight to the boardroom. His playing days give him a unique perspective and platform to apply those lessons directly to business with a laser focus centered on leadership, culture, peak performance, and teamwork. These invaluable lessons as an athlete have been instrumental in helping him build stronger leadership teams and execute high–impact cultural transformations enhancing the performance of organizations in every sector for over a decade.
Quote: Leaders have to have a relentless and obsessive focus on really having a self-observation every day. Am I living this culture? Am I truly bringing to life what we want this culture to be for this organization? Said by Matt Mayberry

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