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Intrinsic Motivation with Stefan Falk



Too often, when we focus on the reward or incentive, we lose interest in the work and effort decreases, eventually leading to negative outcomes. Stefan Falk suggests that, as humans, we want to learn, grow, and do good by others. When we are intrinsically motivated, we become happier and more productive. He highlights the importance of changing our mindset and provides actionable exercises to nurture our intrinsic motivation. By discovering joy in our work, we can encourage our teams to do the same and create a path to success.

Key Points

  • Stefan Falk defines intrinsic motivation and why we default to extrinsic motivation. 
  • He shares the mindset shift to make intrinsic motivation work for us. 
  • He provides practical exercises we can use.

Meet Stefan

  • Name: Stefan Falk
  • His Story: Stefan Falk is the author of Intrinsic Motivation: Learn to Love Your Work and Succeed as Never Before. Falk is an internationally recognized human performance expert for top business executives, specials-ops in the armed forces, and elite athletes. He has spent more than thirty years helping thousands of individuals, teams, and organizations become intrinsically motivated. He is a McKinsey & Company alumnus specializing in leadership and corporate transformation, he has trained over 4,000 leaders across more than 60 different client organizations in North America and Europe.
  • Worth Mentioning: Stefan has studied employee satisfaction surveys and other relevant work performance data covering more than 1,500,000 professionals and performed more than 2,000 360-feedback interviews and surveys around more than a 1,000 leaders and executives. He has held C-suite roles at several global companies and has been responsible for driving corporate transformations valued in excess of two billion dollars. His mentor for many years was the late professor Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, author of many books, including Finding Flow, Creativity – The flow of discovery and innovation, and The Evolving Self.

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