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Making Change Work with Brendon Baker



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When we talk about organizational change, we think about long meetings, lots of slides, and confusion on the goals. Further, we often default to how long will it take and how much will it cost me? Not to mention the change leaders are left to fend for themselves. Brendon Baker shares with Kevin that to be successful, we need to ask different questions and continue to monitor and nurture the change.

Key Points

  • Brendon discusses why many change efforts fail.
  • He shares the 3 valuable questions we should be asking.
    • Why are we doing this?
    • What does success look like?
    • What are we exactly doing?
  • Discusses scope creep and why.
  • He share the 5 stages of momentum.

Meet Brendon

April Rinne
  • Name: Brendon Baker
  • His Story: Brendon is the author of the best-seller Valuable Change: What You Need to Know to Ensure Your Change Pays Off, and has consulted on over $10 Billion in key transformation projects and programs across a range of industries and organizational sizes
  • Worth Mentioning: Brendon established the Valuable Change Co. with one central mission in mind: to Help Change Leaders Drive Real Value, but on his way found his secondary mission: Fight Unnecessary Complexity. Brendon is based on the rural outskirts of Canberra, Australia and has a degree in Business Management.


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Quote Image: You need enough emotional capital on your side in order to overwhelm the pain of the change. Said by Brendon Baker

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