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The Art of Conscious Conversation with Chuck Wisner

Chuck Wisner



Our words matter. We live in conversation. The words we hear are filtered with our biases, opinions, and prejudices, so we need to question and understand. Chuck Wisner sits down with Kevin to discuss 4 types of conversations. We often get stuck in the storytelling or the commitment. We need to do a better job with collaborative and creative discussions. New and good things can be created when we take the time to share our thoughts and debate.

Key Points

Chuck Wisner shares 4 types of conversations:

  • Storytelling—Acknowledging and investigating the stories we tell ourselves about ourselves and others. 
  • Collaborating—Exploring the way our stories interact with other people’s stories. 
  • Creating—Cocreating possibilities and discovering unforeseen solutions to sticky problems.
  • Committing—Coordinating our actions with others to get things done.
  • He talks about the roles of emotions, facts, and opinions in our stories.
  •  He discusses advocacy and inquiry.

Meet Chuck

Chuck Wisner
  • Name: Chuck Wisner
  • His Story: Chuck is the author of The Art of Conscious Conversations: Transforming How We Talk, Listen, and Interact. He is currently working as an advisor with leaders and their teams at Google, Ford, DTE Energy, and Tesla (all Fortune 200 companies). His client list has included PSEG, Harvard Business School, Toyota, the Detroit Mayor’s Office, General Motors, Shell, and Chrysler Motor Company.
  • Worth Mentioning: Chuck earned an architectural degree from the Boston Architectural College and worked as a successful architect in the Boston area for twenty years. Inspired by life circumstances, Chuck changed careers mid-life and was among the first to be certified in a Mastering the Art of Professional Coaching program with the Newfield Network, one of the world's leading transformational education organizations over the past thirty years. Subsequently, he was a senior affiliated mediator with the Harvard Law Mediation Program and a specialist in organizational learning and transformational leadership associated with MIT’s Center for Organizational Learning.
Every leader should know that their voice has a power of ten. (27:34)

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