Leadership is reworking yourself as much as it is guiding others. It is not easy. Dr. Richard Winters joins Kevin to discuss the “now what” of leadership. Often, leaders want to go with their first inclination. However, we need to move the individual genius to the collective genius and get perspective from the entire team. Once you have the conversations, the debates, and the perspectives, you can create a game plan that leads to organizational success.

Key Points

  • Dr. Winters shares his ROW Forward framework. 
  • He discusses burnout using the PAGERS acronym (Purpose, Autonomy, Growth, Environmental Mastery, Positive Relations, and Self-Acceptance).
  • He talks about engagement and how to better lead one on one discussions.

Meet Richard

  • Name: Dr. Richard Winters 
  • His Story: Dr. Winters is the author of You’re the Leader. Now What? He is an emergency physician at Mayo Clinic. As director of leadership development for the Mayo Clinic Care Network, Dr. Winters delivers programs that train leaders at all levels of healthcare organizations worldwide. As an executive coach, he provides coaching for Mayo Clinic leaders. Winters graduated from the Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine in 1994 and returned to Mayo Clinic in 2015.
  • Worth Mentioning: Previously, Winters served as managing partner of a democratic physician group, department chair of an emergency department, president of an 800-physician medical staff, and CEO/founder of a startup managed care organization that struggled to survive amidst the complex relationships among hospital, physician, patient, competitors, and insurance providers. He lives in Rochester, Minnesota, with his family.

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