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The frontline is where the work happens. When you get the work done correctly and on time (if not faster), your organization is successful. If there are too many layers of leadership and you are waiting for directions from the top, you may miss opportunities. Eric Strafel joins Kevin to discuss the importance of empowering your frontline team to make decisions. If they understand the why, and if they know where the organization is going, they will make the best decisions for your organization.

Key Points

  • Eric defines his meaning of a frontline CEO.
  • He shares his thoughts around empowerment and why it seems like few organizations or leaders do it.
  • He discusses the role of radical transparency.
  • He also discusses the importance of creating a learning organization.

Meet Eric

  • Name: Eric Strafel
  • His Story: Eric Strafel is the author of The Frontline CEO: Turn Employees into Decision Makers Who Innovate Solutions, Win Customers, and Boost Profits. He is also the founder of the consulting firm SUMMi7, which helps businesses grow profits and scale innovation with mission-driven purposes.
  • Worth Mentioning: Eric holds an MBA from Carnegie Mellon University and a B.S in Mechanical Engineering from Binghamton University. In addition to his writings on leadership and experience leading diverse teams, Eric is an advisor to The Study USA, where he works to empower women-led businesses and next-generation entrepreneurs through collaboration with academic partners, companies, and the local community.


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Quote Image: If you’re making a decision or making an investment, the people on the frontlines have to do something differently for that to come to life. Said by Eric Strafel

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