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Where Creativity Meets Innovation with Deepak Ohri



Time is valuable and powerful, so it's important to add value to everyone we meet and serve. Deepak Ohri joins Kevin to discuss the power of luxury and how it relates to getting better. Spoiler alert, luxury is not always defined by price or profit but rather by the experiences and emotional connections it provides. FOMO (fear of missing out) can hold us back, but FOPO (fear of people's opinions) can also prevent us from moving out of our comfort zone. Acknowledging failures and growing from lessons learned is key to personal and professional growth

Key Points

  • Deepak Ohri shares his view of luxury. 
  • He talks about creativity meeting innovation. 
  • He discusses transcending trends and advice on how we can get better.

Meet Deepak

  • Name: Deepak Ohri 
  • His Story: Deepak Ohri is the author of A Bridge Not Too Far: Where Creativity Meets Innovation. He is the founder and CEO of lebua Hotels & Resorts is well-known worldwide as an award-winning entrepreneur who has transformed the luxury hospitality landscape in Asia. He is also the Executive in Residence, Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the Pino Global Entrepreneurship Center at the College of Business at Florida International University where he has helped pioneer the first MBA course in luxury marketing and management.
  • Worth Mentioning: Before joining lebua, Mr. Ohri held operational roles and was an executive at leading hospitality businesses and hotels in India and Asia. Ohri, recognized globally as a visionary hospitality industry leader and luxury marketer, is a sought-after speaker at international conferences and top business schools worldwide. He is a three-time recipient of the Most Enterprising Entrepreneur Award (2008 to 2010) by the Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards and The Best in Asia: Entrepreneur of the Year Award (2011 to 2013). He was named as one of the International Hospitality Institute's Global Top 25 Most Inspirational Executives in Travel and Hospitality 2022, among others.

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